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    That,what I call my new shooting box I made today an used testing my arrows.the reason I call it my bunny box is the front my crossbow forarm sits on is the main body part of a rag doll like stuffed rabbit. It,s stuffed with white cotton that is just right for a firm rest but not hard for the forarm to rest on. I attached it to a shooting box I made an have a nice soft but firm 18 inch long by 6 inches wide,6 high piece coming off the rear of the rabbit body .the bow sits level on this rig as I have a simple way to adj the height of the rabbit front rest.

    Works great an really supports the bow nice an all I have to do is line it up an hold lightly. these bows do recoil an much like a spring air gun you can change poi by the way you hold it . I shot enough bench rest to know how important it is to do everything the same each shot for accuracy an these bows are no exception. I,m so happy with this simple rig as it,s going to make me a more consistant shooter for groups,testing arrows.
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