Bulldog 360

Discussion in 'Excalibur Crossbows' started by bbahunter, Apr 6, 2018.

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    I'm just not a fan of the linkage type trigger. Probably just me though, some seem to love the Bulldog series just fine.
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    The Bulldogs do seem to be the thing now, among most who just buy bows and don't "tinker." For perspective, the BD 360 is 1/4" longer than the more powerful bow Bruce just posted with a forward trigger. The Grey Ghost is about the same performance as the 360 and is 3/4" shorter with the forward trigger and no true bullpup. I know Excal felt then needed to go with the deflexed riser and big brace for limb reliability, but the bullpup only really gets the length back to what it originally was without the bullpup. I don't mean to be negative towards Excal. They make excellent crossbows, and I'm sure most of us would be very happy with a BD 360, IF we didn't already have something very similar to shoot.;)

    Dan, I have not had the chance to shoot any of the BD Excals. I did have a KI in the house for about 24 hours this week. Not a bad bow really, but the trigger creep was one thing that made me appreciate the triggers on the bows I already had.:)
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