Buckmark ammo testing

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    I been trying different 22rf ammo for accuracy from my browning buckmark with leupold m8 2x scope at 15yds resting my hand on a bag.i compare everything vs cci standard that,s hard to beat in most guns I shoot. I compared aguila super extra high speed vs the low speed standard yesterday in a strong wind. very good for cheap ammo an as good or better than lots of match ammo I,ve shot.

    I only shot one 5 shot group with each an the best group was with aguila . I think I pulled the one with the standard but real good for both. I tryed fed auto match the other day an no good as it jammed lots an shot poorly as I read on others tests. I told this squirrel if you don,t get off my target I,ll beat you like a redheaded step child.he knows when I,m trying to do something an harasses me all the time :p

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    Good shooting !
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