Black Eagle Arrows - Executioner Crossbow Bolts

Discussion in 'Crossbow Bolts & Broadheads' started by XBowAdmin, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. XBowAdmin

    XBowAdmin <- Brad -> C/P Staff

    I just ordered and received up a dozen of the Black Eagle Executioner Crossbow bolts to augment the 3 that came with my new Darton crossbow (Terminator).


    I ordered the .003 versions for now, and I must say, I am impressed with the straightness. Spin tests look very good, with no noticeable wobble on the first 6 I rigged up. Once I get some warmer weather (where it is not 10 degrees) I will be sending this down to the targets and will go from there.

    Being January, I doubt I will be able to do this until March, since I want to video record the performance and post it up here, but on first glance, the .003 Executioner bolts from Black Eagle Arrows look to be very nice. If they pan out, I will be ordering up another dozen in .001 come late spring.

    From most I have read, Black Eagle Arrows make a high quality product here, and their blanks are used in other arrow brands as well, so I am truly looking forward to the field trial of these bolts in my new Darton Terminator crossbow.

    Ordering was smooth, communication was impeccable, and they even threw in a ball cap to boot. Works for me. More to come.


    Brad -
  2. 12 Ring

    12 Ring Member

    That's great to hear I ordered them with my new Matrix 380.
  3. Masboy

    Masboy Active Member

    I have done quite a bit of testing these arrows in .001,.003 out to 80 yds . an can tell no difference in accuracy in either one. there all I target shoot an hunt with now an don,t think you will be disappointed in them.
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  4. Andy

    Andy Publisher C/P Staff

    I bought a half dozen .001 i shot two deer with them both showed no damage to both of them i wiped off the blood and stuck them back in my quiver.
  5. xcaliber

    xcaliber Active Member

    I have had great accuracy, and hunting results with the Gold Tip Laser 2 bolts, but keep coming back to check these out! I think I'm going to break down and try a dozen. My buddy shoots them with his Matrix 380, and he can hit a dime at 50 yards. They seem very tough too. I have to give them a try!
  6. 12 Ring

    12 Ring Member

    If you just want to try them Dave at Wyvern Creations will sell them by the 1/2 doz. that way you can try them out cheaper and if you like them you can go from there.
  7. xcaliber

    xcaliber Active Member

    Yep, a dozen from them is reasonable too. I'm afraid I'm going to like them so much that I'll want some for both Exclas!
  8. georgiaboy

    georgiaboy Member

    Looks very tempting!!!
    Only problem is i have two dozen firebolts fletched with 2" blazer's and onestringer wrap's spin tested & ready to rock!! :cool:
  9. xcaliber

    xcaliber Active Member

    Yep, I'm set up pretty deep with these GT's. I can hold off for a while. Maybe late summer?
  10. 8ptbuk

    8ptbuk Active Member

    Getting ready to order a dozen and fletch them up myself on a bolt jig . I really like the way they shoot with all that helical spinning them !
  11. 8ptbuk

    8ptbuk Active Member

    Just got my dozen BEE and a bottle of glue with the micro glue tips . Can't wait to see how the tips do . I'll report back when I get a chance to try them .
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  12. bigrak

    bigrak Member

    From everything I gave been researching these keep coming up for the Matrix line to be great. I definitely will be trying them first. :cool:
  13. 8ptbuk

    8ptbuk Active Member

    I shot them last year in my phoenix and loved them . Sure they'll be great in my 380 .
  14. 12 Ring

    12 Ring Member

    What type of jig are you using I have never heard of a bolt jig
  15. 8ptbuk

    8ptbuk Active Member

    Arizonia bolt jig , its made for small fletching like 2 in. Blazers and what it does best is puts more helical on the vanes than anything else On the market . you get great broadhead flight using it ! Highly suggest you look into it .
  16. Andy

    Andy Publisher C/P Staff

    After shooting the Black Eagle Executioner Crossbow bolts i bought from Wyvern Creations i will be ordering more from him i was going to Fletch my own but why go through all that work they fly like darts both with a field point and a broadhead can't beat it.
  17. 8ptbuk

    8ptbuk Active Member

    Andy , I understand completly ! There's a lot of work involved in doing your own .
  18. ldock

    ldock Guest

    I am like excaliber I have quiet a few GT'S. The GT ll shoot great and absolutely no problems out of the Gt lll absolutely love the lll's. Have never tried the black eagles.
  19. 8ptbuk

    8ptbuk Active Member

    I fletched my black eagles today and I used some micro glue tips on my bottle and really look like them , alot cleaner and a lot neater job . highly recommend these . Got them from jerry at south shore archery .
  20. 12 Ring

    12 Ring Member

    8point post some photos of them

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