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Discussion in 'Crossbow Bolts & Broadheads' started by Stalker, Jun 22, 2018.

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    I shoot both carbon and aluminum arrows. I like both:D

    It is true that Carbon is more durable.On the other hand, aluminum can be straightened if slightly bent and 20" or shorter Easton xx75 2219 shafts are pretty durable when shot at 350fps or less. I have no problems with them bending when target shooting. If carbon is warped that's it. It will never be straight again.

    I had a mishap target shooting a couple of weeks ago:eek: This 18.5 Easton xx75 2219 443gns shot at 323fps penetrated this pressure treated 1x2 and a piece of plywood that was sitting behind my target at 30 yards.

    After carefully removing it and giving it a spin on end it had a pretty good wobble to it. I placed it on my spine tester to see where the bend was and to my surprise it still tested at .oo1 straightness at 17":D Believe it or not the wobble was from a bend in the field point shank!:D 2219's are tougher than some believe. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Thanks for posting, Paul. (This forum has been painfully slow.;)) You and Cal opened my eyes to the XX75s, and I'm looking forward to my second summer using them for 3D. Obviously that shot was accidental, but it would have been difficult to hit that board more on center by aiming at it.:D Glad the arrow is OK.
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    I was aiming at a dot low on my 30 yard target. I must have used the 20 yard ret. I knew it went low but couldn't find it anywhere. A week or so later when turning the target around it hit something? There it was. It had went in between the target and target shed floor. The target sits maybe 3/4" high on pocket wheels. The 1x2 was at the very back of the shed just covering a small crack to keep bugs/wasps out. You can see a small chip in the floor where I think it hit in this pick. It did rip off 1 vane. 20180519_182356_LI.jpg
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