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  1. Masboy

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    My son from Tennessee that had been doing some hunting,called last evening.I asked how the huntings been going,he said haven,t been lately because my ford 450 diesel motor took a crap ,so he borrowed his uncles tow truck an towed it home. he parked it on his driveway an got out . looked around an they were going down the hill to there resting spot :eek: I thought I had bad luck :p
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  2. Oppie

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    Woops! Huston, we have a problem :eek:.

    That's my kind of luck for sure. I once parked my car in my old driveway, got out, car started rolling backward the door hit me an knocked me down, front tire rolled over my shin :eek: then turned and :confused: much to my surprise it stopped. I was even more surprised I could stand up and didn't hurt and only got a small bruise on my shin.
    Then there was the time I rolled my tractor upside down :oops:...
  3. jacol84

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    Sorry about that. The stuff that happens sometimes boggles the mine.
  4. Masboy

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    Like father like son I always tell them:p I always been pretty creative ,but never real smart :oops::confused::p
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  5. Oppie

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    Main thing is no one got hurt, we can buy more trucks but we can't replace our love ones.
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    Wow...glad no one was hurt.
  9. Stalker

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    X2 on that! Whew! Could have been deadly. I hope insurance comes through for him.

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