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    Hogs hunting and varmint hunting is a year round event here in Texas and I like to do it at night when they are more active and it's cooler. So far I'm using motion activated lights which works pretty well after the animals get use to them.

    BB 032818.JPG

    As I was investigating Night Vision / Thermal scopes which span the price points from pretty affordable to many thousands of dollars, I discovered ATN were about to release an affordable Day / Night scope called the X-Site 4K Pro. This is a $700 scope that does a nice job with day and night images, has functional Zoom in 3-14X or 5-20X and has range finder and ABL capability which is a HUGE step to auto-ranging if they perfect it.

    Open Box.jpg

    This is a hefty, large scope by standard xbow scope standards. A standard speed adjustable scope with illumination and lens covers weights 1 - 1.25 lb scope. Add HHA to it and it's close to 1.5 lbs. This scope is 2.1 lbs. Length of it is 13.75" vs about 10". My total xbow weight is now 12.9 lbs.

    I takes HD pictures and video with a click of a button. It has a RAV feature (Recoil Activated Video) that can be set to record 5-30 seconds prior to your shot and 5-30 seconds after. How does it do that? The scope is a smart optical and records/buffers these images when its on. Pull the trigger and it stores the video on a mini ** card.

    Battery life for the less expensive Night Vision scopes prior to this scope has been an issue with most having add-on external battery packs that become cumbersome. The 4K Pro has an internal lithium ion rechargeable battery that will go 15-18 hours on one charge, which is really good. You also get an integrated compass and pitch and roll indicators on the main screen.


    There are 7 reticle options with 7 reticle colors to choose from one that has BDC splits.

    It has a rage finding function but it's based on rifle ballistic info. which doesn't work for our slowish in comparison xbows. That is expected to be fixed in a future software option for xbows which is likely a 2019 offering.

    It's ABL capable. That means it can take a $300 an add-on that is a handsfree laser rangefinder that will work both day and night. You will have the the freedom to range your target with the push of a button, it will adjust your point of impact based on known ballistics! They advertise the ABL rangefinder to have a range of up to 1,000 yards so it's perfect for the Ravin xbows (just kidding Ravin shooters).

    I've setup and zeroed this scope at 25 yards on my Storm. I hope to test the night vision with some short range shooting this evening and will take it to the field tomorrow night hog hunting/sauna bath......

    As technology advances, generally electronics get cheaper and smaller. At $700 this scope is a good IR device with fantastic potential and seems to have a potential to smarter, maybe cheaper and be xbow friendly. It's an interesting technology......
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    Nice ! Will certainly check it out . Red light was a huge disappointtment for me hunting Coyotes.
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    At 9:30 this evening it was pitch black outside with over cast skies. I setup the target at 25 yards again and snapped this picture of the target sitting in my ground blind chair.


    With the xbow setup in the field pod and the IR illuminator on the scope set to low it's like looking at a HD black and white movie. I spun the zoom up to 10X and two shots was all I needed.



    Now let's see if the hogs cooperate tomorrow night.
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    Good luck!
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    That will get the job DONE!
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    No luck last night but I had fun with the scope. Day pictures are excellent. This is 3X and zoom to 7X and 14X at 28 yards. I'll take some night pictures and video over the next several weeks and report back.

    As an "oldish" guy really like the ability to zoom.



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