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Discussion in 'Crossbow Hunting - Antelope & Sheep' started by one eye joe, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. one eye joe

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    I drew two doe tags for Wyoming area 114. Hope to get up there the first part of October. This is a hunt within 1/2 mile of irrigated land. Talked to a guy who has hunted the area and had shots from 200 to 15 yards. Figured I might as well take the crossbow and see what develops.

    Anybody done any of this type hunt? Any ideas would be welcome.
  2. xcaliber

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    If it is guided, should be pretty well setup for you. I would get a decoy, maybe a Montana, easy to carry, and set up is quick. Good Luck!
  3. ehntr

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    I did a WY antelope hunt last year. Archery season opens mid August (includes crossbows). In Oct you will be competing with rifle hunters.........just a thought. Hunting from a blind over water during a dry period is a sure way to fill your tags. Using a decoy during rifle season not recommended. I'm sure you'll connect and have a great hunt.
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  4. Cactus

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    My Hunting Buddy and I are going to Wyoming to help to balance the Antelope herd with the human population. My buddy hunts with a compound Bow, I'll be using my new Horton Storm, we rebuild a 72 Camper to use as our portable hunt camp, the camper cost and rebuild cost us $3800.00 CND not quite the deal Stalker got but we can use it in late November at 30 below zero. We'll be hunting over Water Holes from a blind , hopefully it doesn't rain forcing the goats to come to water and receive an arrow. Over the years I tried Antelope hunting in Southern Alberta with a compound and stalking it killed my knees, so this way it will be easier but harder on the wallet

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