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    Well, as many know my health has been on the decline lately but I'm not dead yet! I cannot hunt per doctor's orders, and of course the Queen was there when he told me this, so now i have all three ladies on my tail.:eek:
    Anyway, I picked up another CVA handgun for deer hunting in the hopes that maybe I'll get out soon, but like the Cubs fans say "there's always next year". :p
    I'm pretty happy with all the hunting guns I have now, and don't think I'll ever get another one for hunting since I'm set for anything with the .308 Savage leading the power pack if I ever go for elk, or anything that large at longer ranges. That said, this is my new favorite hunting gun because of the weight, and easy carrying, but the accuracy won me over. Here are the pics of targets final sighting in @ 100 yards Saturday. The bullets, etc. My eldest daughter starting chewing on the Queen for letting me go, and she told her "you come watch him" he ain't dead yet! :eek::D:cool: My love!;)
    The top target pic is one bullet each, 100 grain & 95 grain. I went with the .243 Win caliber after much research with this caliber on deer & bear, originally was going to go with .308 but thought that would be too much in a handgun, I think I made the right choice. Oh, it is a two handed gun no doubt! :) The other is my .50 cal. Muzzle Loader on top of the .243 sweet pair for sure!

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  2. Masboy

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    That,s one fine looking piece! some fine shooting also. Let the deer take all the energy from the bullet ,not the ground behind it :pdon,t think you would like that 308 in that handgun. It would be about like my 45-70 guide gun with full power loads an rattle your teeth when you touch it off:eek:
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  3. jacol84

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    Wow. .243 handgun. Guess you got a good set of ear protectors.;)
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  4. Patriot

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    Very nice! Appears you have her dialed in! Nice job!

    I hope you get out Dan! Keep positive!
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  5. xcaliber

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    Thanks, good news from doctor today, we'll see! Change in meds. AGAIN, but we're going in the right direction.
  6. xcaliber

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    You know it!

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