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Discussion in 'Crossbow Bolts & Broadheads' started by Stalker, May 14, 2018.

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    15, 22" xx75 2219 Camo hunters off ebay for $22.84 shipped. Cleaned them up and all are .002 or better:D. It says they are used but I see no evidence of it.

    Going to build some just like the GG II's with the same vanes. Not sure about the rest. I have more arrows than I will probably ever need but I couldn't pass up the deal.Plus I've always wanted some Camo Hunters:D 20180514_211615.jpg
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    ChaChing! :D
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  3. Stalker

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    I made up 5 just like the GGII's Just over 18.5 ". On a couple of them I cut a little off both ends for maximum straightness. On some of them the dial doesn't even move:eek::D.The spine was hard to find on them with deflection being minimal on most.I haven't shot them yet but expect they will be great!

    Since I'm out of Firenock flat nocks again! I decided to make my own nock out of a 26gn 2219 insert. I cut it down then hand filed it to 10 gns.I sanded the sharp edges down with some fine sandpaper. Glued it in and shot it 5 times checking the serving in between shots. I see some slight indentations but no serving damage. I'm not sold on them yet but they sure are cheap and I have a bunch:D

    I've become a arrow junky since building a spine tester and getting a fletching jig a few years ago! The arrow rack I built last year that holds 119 arrows is now full along with my quivers and arrow box!:eek::D. I might have to thin the heard on some squirrels!:D 20180517_162703.jpg 20180517_173024.jpg 20180517_173147.jpg
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    I went ahead and put some FN flat nocks in them today and shot a few groups at 30 yards. Very satisfying to make arrows that shoot this good:D. The Gamegetter II's have some compatition:eek::D 20180519_172657.jpg 20180519_174533.jpg 20180519_182345.jpg
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