Another first for me in the Pa deer season!

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    Found this guy this morning and he wasn't happy :D! One of my neighbors heard a hiss an looked down and there it was, had it's head up in a strike pose no less o_O , I was watching him and wonder what was so fascinating so I had to check it out to. We poked it and took some pictures but none of the three of us had a snake tag so we left it to find a warm spot for the winter. Today temps was only in the high 30's :p with a breeze.

    One guy did get a small doe before that episode.

    Brady deer.jpg
    The home owner had to work today so we took a picture of it in front of his garage and sent it to him just because we're nice guys :D:D:D.
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    All in a days hunting,harass a copper back,rub it in on another feller,get a deer ,fun,fun,fun :p
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    You bet ya!!
    When we were done around 3:30 standing around the truck talking we watched 3 doe come come out from behind the neighbors barn 200 yds away an trot out in the middle of the pasture and stopped! Then they trotted on down into the brush lot, then 6 more came out from behind the barn and did the same thing :rolleyes:.
    I only saw one deer tail in the woods all day :eek:. Then I told em it was coffee time and away we went for home :). Still don't know why or where they came from for sure.
    Good times!
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