A Spring Hog Hunt In Texas

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    The weather has been a little crazy here in Texas the past two days. And I've come to understand it's not so uncommon this time of year as Spring arrives! Just south of Waelder it rained a bit and hailed in a few spots, but missed us for the most part and our two day hog hunt was on and the warm sun was welcome.


    My good friend Ron joined me and we teamed up for a couple interesting night hunts and some good day stalking.

    Ron is naturally good with any weapon I've seen him handle and generally his game of preference has wings and quacks. ;) About a year ago I was able to get him interested in xbows with visions of hog hunting and since he's gotten pretty good with his Sniper 370. This was his first xbow hunt and he managed to put the biggest pig down this weekend with a nice 30 yard shot on this sow. 110 pounds is not huge by anyone's standards but it's a real nice pig to make into table fare, which is what we were both after. Ya, the bad eye is courtesy of Ron's 45 putting a quick end to this pig's day.


    I had the best "luck" nailing a running hog and bagging a double at 39 yards. For the record, I had no idea the young pig was even on the other side of the larger one as I made the shot. Good news is the CenterPunch arrow from the Specialist passed through a 80 lber with enough energy to sever the little guy's spine.


    This one was bedded down with four others on the backside of a fallen tree/brush pile. It was a short shot at about 15' but she was on the run for the woods. The arrow took out a lung and heart and she was done in less than 20 yards. I'll call that shot all skill when I tell the story but it was probably more of that "good luck".....


    We enjoyed the stay, had good hunts and pretty fair luck. About 300 lbs of quartered pig came home in the coolers so there's sausage, brats, ribs and chops for Ron's family and ours to enjoy.

    It's always a blessing to go hunting and even more so to take an animal home. Much to be thankful for!
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    Sounds like a great time! Congrats!
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    Awesome, hammer those pigs! One question, did you shorten your stirrup on your Horton?
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    We took out a few. I did make a different stirrup. I hunt from a chair blind from time to time and the 2" shorter stirrup helps just enough to make moving the Storm around a little easier.
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